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Magnify Excel improves business processes and removes barriers to efficiency through exploiting the capabilities of Excel.  I focus on the local market of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and areas between, but can also work remotely.

I offer the advantages and disadvantages of being a sole trader.

You will benefit from speed of deployment on smaller projects.  Pricing is highly competitive.  Unless you go to India or another developing country, I doubt I will be beaten. Communication is straight forward with only one person to deal with.  As a professionally qualified accountant with experience working on defence related projects, I am used to working with confidential data.  All work is well structured and documented to enable local maintenance.

My time is finite, so I can't compete for very large projects requiring a quick turnaround.  

I recognise that as the size of an organisations increases they become less likely to rely on Excel for critical processes.  Instead, Excel gets used more informally and fills in gaps where the investment in deploying specialist software cannot be justified.

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